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How Facebook's Problematic Handling Of Data Privacy Could Become A Threat To Justice

Technology progressing faster than ever can come into conflict with civil rights – as in the case which curiously links Facebook to the overturning of Roe v Wade. But technology also offers a solution…

Elsa Marin | 23 September 2022

Why Google Law Doesn’t Cut It

Ever typed a burning legal question into Google in hopes of fast, cheap advice that helps you solve an icky problem? Read here why Google doesn’t keep that promise and what you can do instead.

Ludwig Bull | 2 September 2022

Tips of the day

Can My Landlord Increase My Rent?

Following reports that growing numbers of young people are paying unaffordable rent, many are worried that their rent too will increase. But landlords are not always allowed to increase your rent, and when they are allowed, certain rules apply. Keep reading for the lowdown on whether your landlord is allowed to increase your rent.

Ayush Sanghavi | 23 August 2022

How Do I Chase Unpaid Invoices As A Freelancer?

All freelancers will agree on this one sad truth: the worst part of the job is having to chase down your customers in order to be paid. But, when you’ve sent countless polite reminders without getting a response and going to court sounds like an expensive hassle, what exactly are your options?

Elsa Marin | 16 September 2022

What we are up to

CourtCorrect Launches Digital Legal Advice Project With AXA-ARAG In Switzerland

AXA-ARAG legal expert will provide free digital legal advice in Switzerland through CourtCorrect’s online platform. The partners want to advance the digitisation of the law and increase access to justice.

Team CourtCorrect | 2 February 2022

CourtCorrect Launches Free Legal Search Engine

Industry disrupting start-up enters legal market with a splash as search engine for easy-to-understand legal information goes live

Team CourtCorrect | 1 August 2020

CourtCorrect Helps Students Get Compensation For Poor University Services During Covid

London tech start-up is offering digital advice and making students aware of their options, including up to £5000 compensation

The CourtCorrect Team | 31 May 2021

CourtCorrect Secures Research Partnership With University Of Cambridge And Hitotsubashi University

CourtCorrect will provide its AI technology to support joint research efforts of the law departments of English and Japanese elite universities

Team CourtCorrect | 29 March 2021

CourtCorrect Helps Gig Economy Workers Enforce Employment Rights

London tech start-up helps gig economy workers improve their working conditions and exposes their hardship in unprecedented insight

Team CourtCorrect | 5 August 2021

CourtCorrect Successfully Completes Start-Up Accelerator Project With DIFC Courts And Dubai Future Foundation

CourtCorrect was selected as one of the two finalists among over 80 applicants to help Dubai’s international court build accessible technology

Team CourtCorrect | 1 July 2022

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