January 31, 2022

January 31, 2022

January 31, 2022

Creating a User-Friendly Claims Tool for AXA-ARAG

Creating a User-Friendly Claims Tool for AXA-ARAG

CourtCorrect's partnership with AXA-ARAG and how we created a user-friendly claims tool.

CourtCorrect's partnership with AXA-ARAG and how we created a user-friendly claims tool.

Who was the client?

AXA ARAG is Switzerland’s leading legal expenses insurance provider. Co-owned by multinational insurance companies, AXA and ARAG. AXA-ARAG shows how SMEs benefit from partnering with CourtCorrect.

What were AXA-ARAG's goals?

AXA-ARAG needed a user-friendly and efficient claims-handling tool. They had two main ideas:

  1. A user-friendly claims experience that would reduce customer churn, increase sales to existing customers, and attract new business.

  2. An AI-assisted claims resolution that would speed up responses, cut costs, and enhance decision-making quality.

The project aimed to test these ideas by processing thousands of cases via the CourtCorrect Platform.

Why AXA-ARAG chose CourtCorrect?

AXA-ARAG chose CourtCorrect for several reasons:

  1. The platform is quick and easy to set up.

  2. The platform's customisability enabled the claims process to deploy in weeks, not months. Further development since this project allows us to deploy the platform in only a few days.

  3. CourtCorrect's past work in resolving consumer complaints meant AXA-ARAG could benefit from previous research and experience.

  4. The platform's unique AI features and powerful case management system ensured AXA-ARAG could process a large number of claims at high quality with only a few members of staff.

How did AXA-ARAG and CourtCorrect work together?

After an initial meeting at AXA-ARAG's headquarters in Zurich, CourtCorrect worked with their legal, compliance, marketing, and sales teams, providing 24/7 customer support and kept track of project KPIs.

We worked with AXA's cybersecurity and compliance teams to ensure high standards in customer data handling.

We were especially pleased when AXA-ARAG invited us to a “workcation” in the beautiful Alpine setting of the Engadin, one of the world’s top skiing destinations (which our team took advantage of very gladly 😊).

After the project, CourtCorrect provided a detailed report with all learnings, KPIs, and next steps for AXA-ARAG.

What were the project results?

We achieved all project KPIs and validated AXA-ARAG’s ideas about the benefits of user-friendly and effective claims processes.

The new claims became popular with both existing and new customers of AXA-ARAG’s insurance products. The project also achieved top sales conversion metrics.

AXA-ARAG successfully processed thousands of claims via the CourtCorrect platform. This significantly cut down claim resolution time compared to established processes.

Due to the project's success, AXA-ARAG launched Emilia AG, a new online insurance product. This solidified the approach to the AXA-ARAG business model.

What can similar companies learn?

Our successful partnership with AXA-ARAG shows that the CourtCorrect platform is useful for SMEs in financial services and insurance. User-friendly claims processes and effective resolution can lead to new business, increased profitability, and less customer churn.

This project highlights that the way companies resolve customer claims can be a game-changer. It can positively affect both the top and the bottom line.

We enjoyed working with AXA-ARAG and look forward to similar projects in this sector!

Read the customer press release here