August 11, 2023

August 11, 2023

August 11, 2023

What if Nigel Farage had a CourtCorrect case?

What if Nigel Farage had a CourtCorrect case?

Ever wondered how AI can shape high-profile complaints? We dove into Nigel Farage's complaint against Coutts within the CourtCorrect platform.

Ever wondered how AI can shape high-profile complaints? We dove into Nigel Farage's complaint against Coutts within the CourtCorrect platform.

Coutts closed Nigel Farage's bank account for claiming to fall below the financial threshold, however, a 40-page document later revealed his “racist views” were part of the bank’s decision.

Here's a peek at how things unfolded:

Firstly, we created Farage’s complaint in the platform using the information first reported by himself and various news websites. This gave us a case title, description, category, and helped build the case.

As the complaint progressed the case was updated by creating internal notes, which provided new information. This worked the same way a complaint would be updated as the investigation progressed.

Once this was done, it was time to review the matter to close the case and make a decision on the outcome.

Because of the high-profile nature of the complaint, as well as the complexity, it would be tricky for a complaint handler to know how to best resolve the matter.

AI-Powered Insights:

Using CourtCorrect’s Case Insights AI, complaint handlers can reference decisions from similar internal complaints. This helps guide their current decision-making.

With Farage’s case it is important to gain further insight, not just from internal cases, but also similar external cases. That’s why you can access regulatory data in-platform to ensure you comply with the Consumer Duty.

Looking into external information we can see Farage’s case isn’t an isolated incident, although no cases of a Politically Exposed Person’s account being closed was found, banks terminating accounts and exiting customers is a common issue.

We found banks are permitted to terminate accounts as well as the customer relationship without notice. However, it was the handling of the matter that determined whether the bank had done the right thing or not.

This helped review Farage’s complaint, because it confirmed that Coutts should be able to terminate Farage, whether it is because of eligibility, risk, or any other reason. However, the real issue comes down to how they handle the matter.

In Farage’s case, a 40-page document revealed that Coutts’ CEO called Farage “xenophobic and racist” and as a result resigned. Overall poor mishandling of the account closure, would likely mean the complaint should be upheld.

Writing with AI:

So, now we’ve decided to uphold the case, because of the handling of the closure, we can close the case on the platform. Once this is done the final response needs to be written.

Writing a final response is a lengthy process, especially for complex cases. Because of this, you can use AI to write the final response for you. Our AI brings in all the case data, ensuring the letter is accurate and detailed.

Now that is done, we can send the final response and resolve the complaint.

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