December 15, 2023

December 15, 2023

December 15, 2023

How We Work With Customers at CourtCorrect

How We Work With Customers at CourtCorrect

A Short Overview on How we Approach Partnership with our Customers

A Short Overview on How we Approach Partnership with our Customers

Contrary to popular belief, innovation can be incredibly easy; if not, you're probably doing it wrong.

The core mission of our company is to help our customers innovate in their customer resolution. Whether that includes complaints assessments and customer communication, market insights, governance or root cause analysis, we want to help our customers move forward with innovative, industry-specific and safe technologies.

To some of our customers, implementing the kind of changes our technologies make possible seems an impossible task. But if approached correctly, the challenges become much more controllable and ROI can be delivered faster.

In this blog post, we explore the strategy we adopt at CourtCorrect to make innovation, even transformation, not just possible, but also — simple.

Reducing Time to Value

As soon as we establish a new relationship with a customer, our objective is clear: provide as much value as we can, as quickly as we can. We have built our technology stack and our operations around this approach:

Plug and Play AI Models

Our AI models work out of the box. You don't even need your own AI guru to understand and use them. They do not require further training on customer data to deliver accurate results. Of course, as customer data is imported into and created on the platform, the models will become more sensitive to our customers’ unique way of solving customer problems, for example by adopting a similar style of writing customer communications and by factoring in internal approaches to decision-making, but you can get going directly with our default models, which have a high degree of understanding of the underlying regulation.

A Straightforward User Experience

Creating an account and starting to use our services is a swift and straightforward process - you can be up and running in just 10 minutes! We understand that time is precious, which is why we've designed our platform to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive training that is both efficient and effective, ensuring that our users are fully equipped to make the most of our platform in just one day.

Accessing our Platform via the Browser

Additionally, all of CourtCorrect AI can be accessed simply via the browser. All that is required from our customers is to create an account for their organisation — and you are good to go. There is no need to deploy the system from within your own cloud or server architecture, all you need to get started is an internet connection. Whether you want to access the platform from Chrome or AskJeeves, CourtCorrect has you covered.

Easy Importing and Exporting of Platform Data

Obviously, cases need to be created within the CourtCorrect Platform to provide outcome prediction, response generation and data enrichment (e.g. vulnerability and urgency flags). We are continuously updating our technology stack to make the creation of cases on the platform as easy as possible. For example, you can simply copy and paste any text content into an AI interface to create a case, which will automatically pre-populate the case file, obviating the need for manual data entry.

Additionally, we are adding support for all common file types to create cases and to extract relevant information as part of the investigation step (including audio files, for call recordings!) We also maintain a number of integrations with large CRM systems and work with our customers to connect with their systems to import historical case data or provide real-time synchronisation of case data across systems.

Easy Customisation of Platform Data

Our platform prides itself on its malleability. Users are empowered to tailor data fields to their specific needs, directly within the platform’s user-friendly interface. You can edit any data fields you need for cases, categories, root causes and more on the platform itself. This autonomy in customisation, negating the need for technical assistance, allows clients to mould our solution to their unique data requirements with ease. This means you can configure the platform to hold exactly the kind of data you need, without requiring any technical engineering input

Standardised Approach to Cybersecurity

In a digital age where security concerns are paramount, our partnership with OVHCloud has allowed us to find a Cloud provider that takes client data security as importantly as we do. As Europe's largest provider in the secure cloud domain, OVHCloud brings a wealth of security certifications and expertise to our partnership. This collaboration allows us to offer our clients a standardised, yet robust, approach to cybersecurity. OVHCloud meets a wide array of security certifications from ISO 270001 to G-Cloud UK. By leveraging OVHCloud's extensive security infrastructure, we ensure that our clients' data is protected by the most stringent of standards, offering peace of mind and a secure environment for their operations. This security-first approach is integral to our service, ensuring that while we stride forward in innovation, we remain steadfast in our commitment to data protection.

An Open and Innovative Mindset

At CourtCorrect, we know that our mindset is what sets us apart. We pride ourselves on always being open and innovative in mindset. The majority of CourtCorrect features come from direct user feedback and suggestions. If you want something, we'll do our best to make it. If you have a challenge that your existing CRM won't fix, we will. Our philosophy hinges on the notion that every problem presented is not just a hurdle to overcome, but an opportunity for mutual growth and development. By having an in-house start to finish product and engineering team, we have complete control over all areas of our product development. Our agility as a tech startup is one of our most significant assets – we are fast, responsive, and perpetually poised for development. This setup allows us to respond easily to evolving customer need, so you get true value for money.