May 4, 2021

May 4, 2021

May 4, 2021

Collaborating with Stint to Identify and Resolve Student Complaints

Collaborating with Stint to Identify and Resolve Student Complaints

How the CourtCorrect platform simplified student complaint resolution in collaboration with Stint.

How the CourtCorrect platform simplified student complaint resolution in collaboration with Stint.

Who is Stint and why the partnership?

Stint’s platform connects students seeking temporary jobs to businesses with short-term staff needs. They saw CourtCorrect's success in resolving consumer complaints and knew we could address university students’ issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We introduced Stint to our method: using the CourtCorrect Platform to identify serious cases for a swift resolution. This approach was a hit with students on Stint, with over 1000 cases resolved!

How were student complaints submitted and what were they about?

Students submitted complaints on the CourtCorrect platform. We assessed them before contacting the university via a formal process.

Using our intelligent questionnaires, we gathered quality details from students. We automatically kept affected students updated via our shared case file, email integrations, and messaging functionality.

Most complaints related to insufficient university support for mental health and housing issues, especially for international students. Practical coursework and lab cancellations due to public health guidelines were also common complaints.

How were complaints resolved?

Around 90% of complaints were resolved in a few days due to ineligibility or students withdrawing their complaints. But, these students appreciated their voices being heard in a transparent and quick process.

About 5% of complaints led to internal university investigations. These cases often resulted in discussions with students and appropriate rectification measures taken. This helped universities identify root causes for serious complaints and maintain positive student relationships.

Finally, around 5% of complaints were severe, leading to compensations up to £5,000. These cases often had a high risk of litigation or student dropout. Identifying and resolving these cases early prevented escalation and helped students feel valued.

Overall, this campaign helped both universities and students solve problems at an early stage and ensured a continuing, positive relationship.

“Without a doubt, the best service for any student. Shoutout to Ludwig Bull, a pretty chill, cool and down-to-earth CEO. Amal has been handling my case, I cannot emphasise how grateful I am after six months of paperwork. Definitely recommend it, the process went flawless and I would always come back to them.”

JC Student

“While we are obviously never happy to hear about problems our students are facing, we appreciate the opportunity to resolve cases at an early stage, find a fair outcome and learn from mistakes that were made in the past.”

TH University

What can other organisations learn from this?

Our collaboration with students and universities showed how the user-friendly and effective resolution of complaints is not at all a zero-sum game. Instead it can be a motor of student satisfaction and risk management for universities. Transparent complaints management processes, expectation management, and automation allow all participants to solve cases for mutual benefit.

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