March 15, 2024

March 15, 2024

March 15, 2024

Save Hours Investigating Cases with AI Call Recording & Document Analysis!

Save Hours Investigating Cases with AI Call Recording & Document Analysis!

Upload a File — Get an Automatic Summary Instantly

We understand how much time teams spend listening to long call recordings or trawling through lengthy documents — now you can get some help from AI!

Securely upload any files, whether they are hour-long call recordings or dozen-page documents and the AI will instantly produce a summary.

Looking for a summary on specific points, like the tone of the customer adviser in a call? We’ll help customise the summaries for you in no time!

Ask a question about the file — get an instant answer!

Instead of listening to an entire call or reading an entire document, you can just ask AI a question in your own words and get an accurate, instant answer.

Are they any follow-up tasks? Did the customer ask for compensation? Don’t waste time looking for the answers yourself, ask the AI your burning questions and get answers in seconds.

You’ll even get a full transcript with timestamps for audio files, making it easier to find the part of the call you need to listen to.

Instantly use AI summaries for root cause analysis and letter generation!

With the investigation out of the way, you can directly give the AI access to the outcome of the investigation when identifying root causes or writing letters in the next step. 

"The beauty of our platform solution is that AI results from one step directly feed into the next, allowing call recording analysis to be used right away to assess the outcome, find the root cause and write a personalised letter.

With our AI document analysis tool, we are one step closer to a connected, AI-in-the-loop resolution journey from start to finish!"

— Ludwig Bull, CEO & Founder

See the connected resolution journey in action for yourself in the demo video below:

We know first-hand how much time teams spend investigating, reviewing and resolving complaints.

Our goal is to help you get back to customers faster with cutting-edge AI solutions, developed by an expert team that speaks your language!

Would you like to learn more about CourtCorrect? Reach out via our website or get access to the platform here.

Best wishes,

Team CourtCorrect