June 9, 2023

June 9, 2023

June 9, 2023

Press release from CourtCorrect Ltd on the 22nd Complaints Management Forum

Press release from CourtCorrect Ltd on the 22nd Complaints Management Forum

Ladies and gentlemen,

Yesterday, CourtCorrect made its debut at the 22nd Complaints Management Forum! We had the pleasure of supporting the event by being a Gold Sponsor.

Ludwig Bull, CEO and Founder, Amir Ali OBE, Advisory Board Member, and Josh Lewis, Customer Solutions Manager, spoke to a room full of complaints management experts to share some big news: the future of complaints handling is here!

And it's never been more important. When times are tough, people complain and businesses cut costs. This deadly cocktail piles pressure on complaints teams. Additionally, the FCA's new Consumer Duty comes into force next month and will increase the complexity of the complaints operation.

We discussed some of the problems with outdated and ineffective complaint management systems and processes, including:

  • Poor outcomes for clients, leading to customer turnover,

  • Possible issues with compliance with the consumer duty,

  • Productivity loss due to inefficient complaints handling,

  • Inability to identify and protect vulnerable customers.

The CourtCorrect platform is ready to help you meet the challenge:

  • Regulatory AI for vulnerability flags and Consumer Duty compliance,

  • User-friendly data dashboard for real-time insights and trend identification,

  • Similar cases search engine to streamline investigations,

  • Case outcome prediction, including compensation, duration, complexity and decision,

  • NEW: Lexi, our AI complaint handler, who can complete tasks on the platform.

We also got to catch up with some familiar faces and connect with new people. We have already signed up over 20 new firms for trials. Some of them even received a champagne bottle from us!

Our team is looking forward to following up with our existing and new connections to further discuss this revolution in complaint handling. If you would like to join our network and see what CourtCorrect can do for you, please request trial access here: https://platform.courtcorrect.com/signup.

Thanks to the organisers, Ash Khan and Mike Jeapes, for this great opportunity, and thanks to the other panellists and presenters for sharing their knowledge and answering our questions. We also appreciate the support our product has received from the audience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ludwig Bull

CEO and Founder