March 8, 2024

March 8, 2024

March 8, 2024

Celebrating the Women Driving CourtCorrect

Celebrating the Women Driving CourtCorrect

Today, Friday, the 8th of March is International Woman’s Day.

The history of this day goes back to the “Women’s Day” organised by the Socialist Party of America in New York City on the 28th of February 1909.

But while the public celebration and encouragement of further progress on women’s rights has unfortunately only really come into the mainstream in the past 100 years, the struggle for women’s equal treatment across our society has been a struggle for millennia.

In order to celebrate the success of women and push for further attention on the important causes associated with today, we wanted to recognise some of the remarkable women that have powered the growth and success of CourtCorrect.

Lena Gryn, Head of Product Design

First up, Lena Gryn!

Lena is the Head of Product Design at CourtCorrect. She oversees the Design Team and plays a critical role in the development of new product features. Throughout her time at CourtCorrect, Lena has taken ownership of many parts of the design process and is critical to internal decision-making and prioritisation.

Originally from Ukraine, Lena is a true fighter and a team player. The devastation brought on her country by the illegal invasion of Ukraine from Russia inspires her to remain resilient, creative and to appreciate the basic ingredients of free societies that we all take for granted, like security, prosperity and freedom from arbitrary government decisions.

Lena, what are you hoping for on International Women’s Day?

“On this International Women's Day, we celebrate women in product design whose vision and creativity bring aesthetics, innovation and breathe life into digital products we create. I am glad to support and be supported by women in our journey of valuing equality, thriving on innovation and bringing diversity into the design industry. “

Serena Joseph, Advisory Board

Next up, Serena Joseph!

Serena is a distinguished member of CourtCorrect’s Advisory Board. Following a shimmering career in financial services compliance, with roles at KPMG, Mazars, EY and Barclays, Serena now advises startup and scale-ups on all things compliance, risk and strategy.

With a penchant for meticulous organisation and an in-depth understanding of financial services, Serena is a crucial part of our Product Strategy Team, while also working directly with our customers to achieve successful, AI-powered transformation in the complaints process.

Serena, what would you like to share on International Women’s Day?

“In our day to day dealings with colleagues being aware of their aspirations and commitments helps us to treat them with respect and consider them through a more balanced lens. Whilst it is common to talk about mentorship in firms and offer all employees that type of support, few talk about sponsorship: the quiet promotion and support of an individual in the wider context – and one where women frequently miss out. So my hope for today is that women will be given more respect for the way in which they approach tasks, risks and collaboration – and more space to speak up and be credited with the ideas they raise for the benefit of their teams at work.”

Emma Steele, Iulia Tudor and Freya Wordsworth

Finally, we’d like to introduce you to Emma, Iulia and Freya from Ascension VC!

Emma is a Partner at Ascension VC, a venture capital firm based in London that invests in companies with a clear social purpose. Iulia is Portfolio Director and Freya is an Associate at Ascension.

As investors in CourtCorrect, Emma, Iulia and Freya have supported the business since our venture round to help with strategy, customer introductions and fundraising. They’ve been advocates and an experienced sounding board for the realisation of our mission to create a win-win-win for consumers, businesses and regulators in the complaints resolution process with technology.

Emma, Iulia and Freya, what would you like to share today?

Diversity in venture capital isn't just good ethics, it's excellent business. Women's perspectives are not just additive but multiplicative in their potential to unlock innovation and value.

Our Commitment to Women’s Rights

There are many great woman who have helped build CourtCorrect, both directly, as employees, advisers and investors, but also indirectly, as our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and friends.

So much of the work great women do goes unseen. That’s why today, we are making a series of concrete commitments to support women in the workplace at CourtCorrect:

  1. Closing the Gender Pay Gap

    CourtCorrect commits to continuously review its internal pay structures to ensure that women earn the same amount of money as men for the same work.

  2. Ensuring Equal Opportunities

    CourtCorrect commits to ensuring that women are always considered in the selection process for internal promotions as well as new openings in the company, especially in the case of executive positions.

  3. Supporting Women Outside of Work

    CourtCorrect commits to launching a programme with the specific goal of supporting women outside of the workplace, taking into account the unique nature of their needs in various areas, from compensation to health.

We would like to thank all the women at CourtCorrect and indeed wider society for everything you do to keep our economies, families and social institutions running and the initiative you have shown not only in your own struggle for equality, but also in moving our societies forwards as a whole.

Best wishes and happy Friday,

Team CourtCorrect