September 26, 2023

September 26, 2023

September 26, 2023

CEO Ludwig Bull at the Cambridge Alumni Fair

CEO Ludwig Bull at the Cambridge Alumni Fair

We were delighted to have our CEO and Founder, Ludwig Bull, invited to talk at the Cambridge Alumni Fair where he talked about the work of CourtCorrect and the 'Access to justice through artificial intelligence project'

We were delighted to have our CEO and Founder, Ludwig Bull, invited to talk at the Cambridge Alumni Fair where he talked about the work of CourtCorrect and the 'Access to justice through artificial intelligence project'

Over the weekend, on Saturday, September 23rd, Ludwig Bull, the CEO and Founder of CourtCorrect, was invited back to the esteemed Cambridge Alumni festival. Ludwig, having made his first steps into the AI startup field at Sidney Sussex College with the ‘AI vs Lawyers’ challenge turned this initial idea into the successful CourtCorrect, which has since raised over £2 million in venture capital funding.

His talk, titled “Artificial Intelligence and dispute resolution: does technology improve the way we solve our conflicts”, illuminated the remarkable impact of AI on resolving disputes, showcasing real-world success stories and shedding light on how technology can revolutionise conflict resolution practices. The talk was delivered alongside Dr Felix Steffek (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge) who also sits on CourtCorrect’s advisory board.

Ludwig Bull and Dr Felix Steffek

The Nuffield Foundation's Research Project

Firstly, Dr Felix Steffek presented on the work he is doing alongside CourtCorrect with the Nuffield Foundations’ ‘Access to justice through artificial intelligence’ research project. It was discussed that through using AI, one can remedy the situation where summary judgements are often used against self-representing individuals in potentially arbitrary ways. The project aims to develop a portal to provide predictive feedback on the outcome of a summary judgement application, such as their likelihood of success. Summary judgements, with their very low success rates, often inadvertently act as a way of denying access to justice for self-representing individuals who cannot afford legal representation. This is in contrast to the noticeably higher success rates of represented individuals.

The talk showcased the power of using artificial intelligence to analyse datasets in a legal setting. This practical use was shown by analysing the Cambridge Law Corpus of more than 250,000 court cases across the United Kingdom since 1600, sorting the decisions by subject using AI. This most recent publication was accepted onto the Innovate UK Data Access Lab. The data was initially maintained and collected through the CourtCorrect platform.

The Project in Action: CourtCorrect's Application

Ludwig then went on to demonstrate the real world application of the Nuffield’s Foundations’ project with Court Correct’s work. Consumers often use complaints as their most day-to-day route of accessing justice, therefore CourtCorrect’s work has pivotal applications. Ludwig talked through the whole CourtCorrect platform and our mission, but two of our tools in particular were making great strides in improving access to justice.

Case File Tool: CourtCorrect’s Case File tool automatically analyses regulation and public decisions to pick out similar fact patterns to give complaints handlers a more concrete basis for their decisions, reducing arbitrary decision making.

Final Response Letter: CourtCorrect’s Final Response Letter drafts AI written final response letters immediately for case handlers to send to consumers. This is useful as it speeds up response times, improving efficiency for customers and complaints handlers. By making consumers aware of their rights in a timely manner with this tool, we help make sure they are aware of any required escalation measures as soon as they need them.

The Panelists

Ludwig Bull

Ludwig Bull is the CEO and founder of CourtCorrect, an AI platform specialising in dispute resolution. Before founding CourtCorrect, Ludwig studied Law at Sidney Sussex College. During this time he gained prominence with his ‘AI v Lawyers’ challenge in which an artificial intelligence tool he developed beat 112 lawyers in the analysis of factual case scenarios. Ludwig is also a lecturer in Compliance & AI at the HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich and a Visiting Researcher at the Hitotsubashi University of Tokyo.

“Cambridge has been such a fantastic environment for and a great supporter of innovation. From my early student days working on startups in my dorm at Sidney Sussex College — including having some interesting conversations with the bursar as to why there was a company registered at the college’s address — to being invited back now after launching a successful company, Cambridge has been a partner for myself and CourtCorrect in so many ways. It’s great to see a real eco-system of LawTech companies and research forming in Silicon Fen and I’m proud to be a part of it.” - Ludwig Bull

Dr Felix Steffek

Dr Felix Steffek is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge. He serves as Co-Director of the Centre for Corporate and Commercial Law (3CL) and Director of International Strategy and Partnerships. His areas of interest cover dispute resolution, corporate law and technology & law. He also sits on the advisory board of CourtCorrect.

It was great to catch up with old friends and meet new people. We would like to thank the organisers, Cambridge Alumni Fair, for this great opportunity. Thank you also to the other panellists and presenters for sharing their knowledge. We also appreciate the support our product has received from the audience.

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