February 1, 2024

February 1, 2024

February 1, 2024

CourtCorrect's Innovative AI Journey in Complaints Resolution

CourtCorrect's Innovative AI Journey in Complaints Resolution

Meet CourtCorrect's Complaint Resolution with Affordable, End-to-End AI Excellence.

Meet CourtCorrect's Complaint Resolution with Affordable, End-to-End AI Excellence.

CourtCorrect’s AI-Driven Resolution Journey

CourtCorrect is bringing to the complaints resolution landscape an affordable, AI-powered, end-to-end journey. This isn’t just a point-solution; it’s an approach that spans and elevates the entire resolution process. Our aim is to offer interconnected automation solutions across the complaints journey, maintaining high quality without compromising human oversight.

Our solution encapsulates the entire complaints resolution journey, leveraging sophisticated AI models, including GPT-4, Llama 2, and Claude, combined with regulatory data and deep industry expertise. This integrated approach is supported by over 18 million court decisions and rules, ensuring comprehensive and informed handling of each case.

The Costly Gamble of Poor Complaints Management

Managing complaints represents a significant business concern. With UK financial firms spending a staggering £9.24 billion annually on complaints management, and 3.5 million complaints filed each year, the stakes are high. Our platform offers a solution that is innovative yet cost-effective.

CourtCorrect’s End-to-End Offering

CourtCorrect is offering an AI-powered, end-to-end complaints resolution journey. This vision leverages a tailored mix of AI models, regulatory data, and industry know-how across the entire resolution journey, while ensuring no compromise on quality.

STAGE 1 - Data Ingestion and Enrichment

The journey starts by sorting unstructured data into enriched, structured case files. Our AI systems summarise cases, flag issues like vulnerability and urgency, to lay the groundwork for your complaints process.

STAGE 2 - Complaint Investigation

Our AI system assists you by pulling out key evidence and comparing similar cases to ensure consistency amongst cases. CourtCorrect’s skill is in being able to read all of your evidence to help you file your case: from letters to phone conversations. Our AI, tested on tens of millions of letters, is able to clearly identify the important issues in case files. This has massive efficiency gains when it comes to the decision and letter writing stages. This all helps to save you time in your complaints.

STAGE 3 - Policy Application and Decision

Using the information our AI brings to the surface we can predict case outcomes with over 90% accuracy. What’s more is we can feed in your firm’s internal decision making guidelines to make decisions that you would truly make.

STAGE 4 - Root Cause Analysis

Deduce root cause and integrate insights for management information as part of the Consumer Duty with our AI. This is crucial because all the data generated from this process will be input into an ongoing cycle of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Management Information (MI) for self-improvement. This promotes a cycle of upgrading and constant refining of our methods and outcomes.

CourtCorrect’s system does more than just improve your current operations; it introduces a self-improvement loop powered by AI. As soon as it's implemented, the AI begins to learn from the data it processes, leading to immediate and ongoing enhancements in handling customer issues. As customer satisfaction increases, so does business growth, which in turn feeds more data into the system. This data helps the AI to become even more adept, ensuring that the system not only keeps up with but also sets the pace in complaint resolution.

STAGE 5 - Final Response Generation

The process brings together a coherent, AI-generated response letter, learning from tuned letters to reflect your firm’s writing style, minimising errors and enhancing clarity. Our writing suite is built with complaints in mind. With a Flesch-Kincaid readability score to a writing AI chatbot, this ensures only the best letters are sent to valued customers.

Embrace the future of complaints resolution. Step forward with CourtCorrect.

If you would like to learn more about what CourtCorrect can do for your organisation, please request a free trial of the CourtCorrect Platform here, fill out our contact form here or simply drop us a line at hello@courtcorrect.com.