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54% of UK adults think that justice is not accessible to all members of the public. 83% of lawyers think so, too.


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Access to justice is the foundation of our democracy. Without equality before the law, our rights are just words on a page.


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In 2019, we started CourtCorrect to help everyone get easy, affordable legal support through software, design and AI.


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Usama Khan | 27 September 2022

Emphatic Surge in Court Case Disposals: Why People Are Increasingly Looking Beyond the Court

Latest court statistics show that the number of cases withdrawn or settled outside court have skyrocketed. What is driving this increase and what alternative options can parties access to solve their legal disputes? Read more to find out.

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Elsa Marin | 23 September 2022

How Facebook's Problematic Handling Of Data Privacy Could Become A Threat To Justice

Technology progressing faster than ever can come into conflict with civil rights – as in the case which curiously links Facebook to the overturning of Roe v Wade. But technology also offers a solution…

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Can My Landlord Increase My Rent?

Following reports that growing numbers of young people are paying unaffordable rent, many are worried that their rent too will increase. But landlords are not always allowed to increase your rent, and when they are allowed, certain rules apply. Keep reading for the lowdown on whether your landlord is allowed to increase your rent.

Ayush Sanghavi | 23 August 2022

CourtCorrect Launches Digital Legal Advice Project With AXA-ARAG In Switzerland

AXA-ARAG legal expert will provide free digital legal advice in Switzerland through CourtCorrect’s online platform. The partners want to advance the digitisation of the law and increase access to justice.

Team CourtCorrect | 2 February 2022

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