Developing a User-Friendly Claims Tool for AXA-ARAG


Who was the client and what was their goal?

AXA-ARAG is Switzerland’s leading legal expenses insurance provider, co-owned by AXA and ARAG. Their goal was to provide a user-friendly claims-handling experience to new customers.

What was the project and why did they choose CourtCorrect?

We collaborated with AXA-ARAG to provide a simple way for claimants to submit cases in a structured format which could then be solved effectively by their claims team. They chose CourtCorrect due to our experience in handling large amounts of cases in the UK.

What were the results and why are they relevant?

We helped AXA-ARAG handle thousands of claims with a small team, reducing response times to minutes. Clients were satisfied and the project received a reward from the ARAG Group. This project shows how the CourtCorrect platform can be deployed in a robust and secure environment to resolve claims in a user-friendly and effective way.


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