Developing a User-Friendly Claims Tool


Who was the client?

AXA ARAG is Switzerland’s leading legal expenses insurance provider, co-owned by multinational insurance companies AXA and ARAG. With over 250 employees and over EUR 125,000,000 in annual revenue, AXA-ARAG is a great showcase for the way SMEs profit from collaborating with CourtCorrect.

What was AXA-ARAG trying to achieve?

AXA-ARAG wanted to develop a user-friendly and effective claims handling tool.

One hypothesis of the project was that creating a more user-friendly claims experience would reduce customer churn and increase upselling potential of insurance products with existing customers, while also providing a USP to attract new business.

The second hypothesis was that having an AI-assisted claims resolution would decrease response times, lower costs, improve quality of the decision-making and increase profitability.

The project aimed to test these hypotheses by processing a few thousand cases via the CourtCorrect Platform.

Why did AXA-ARAG choose CourtCorrect as a partner?

AXA-ARAG chose the CourtCorrect platform because it allows for the quick setup and deployment of a claims process that met the required objectives of user-friendliness on the one hand and effective claims resolution on the other.

Due to the easy customisability of the platform, AXA-ARAG was able to set up a claims process that matched the project requirements, onboard staff and start accepting claims in just a few weeks, rather than the months that are typically necessary to develop and deploy new software. Ongoing product development has since reduced the amount of time necessary to deploy the CourtCorrect platform to just a few days.

Additionally, the unparalleled user-friendliness of claims processes set up via the CourtCorrect platform, drawing on CourtCorrect’s previous work in the resolution of consumer complaints, meant that AXA-ARAG could immediately launch an equally user-friendly claims process, benefitting from CourtCorrect’s previous research and experience.

Finally, CourtCorrect’s unique AI case assessment features built into a powerful case management system with minimal learning curve due to user-centric design, meant that AXA-ARAG would be able to process large number of claims effectively at high quality with only a few staff members and a short onboarding time.

How did AXA-ARAG and CourtCorrect collaborate on the project?

Following an initial kick-off workshop at AXA-ARAG’s headquarters in Zurich, CourtCorrect worked closely with the AXA-ARAG legal, compliance, marketing and sales teams to deliver a successful project.

Benefitting from 24/7 customer support and regular check-ins between AXA-ARAG’s operational and executive teams, including C-Suite executives, our teams were in constant contact to track project KPIs and make adjustments where necessary.

Our technical teams also collaborated closely with AXA’s cybersecurity and compliance teams to ensure that the stringent standards surrounding the handling of customer data were met and exceeded.

We were especially pleased to be invited to a “workation” by AXA-ARAG’s team in the beautiful Alpine setting of the Engadin, one of the world’s top skiing destinations (which our team took advantage of very gladly ;-)).

After the successful completion of the project, CourtCorrect provided a detailed report containing all of the relevant learnings, KPIs and next steps for AXA-ARAG.


While we don’t expect all our clients to invite us to a luxury skiing “workation” in the Swiss Alps, it was certainly a great way for our teams to get to know each other and brainstorm how our collaboration could have the biggest possible impact and success.


Our kick-off workshop at AXA-ARAG’s headquarters in Zurich allowed the various teams involved in the project to align and to ensure that we had a clear roadmap for our collaboration. We also had lots of great Swiss food!

What were the results of the project?

We successfully hit all project KPIs and were able to validate AXA-ARAG’s hypotheses around the benefits of user-friendly and effective claims processes.

The new claims process quickly became popular with AXA-ARAG’s existing customers as well as attracting many new customers for AXA-ARAG’s insurance products. Thanks to frequent iterations, the project was able to attain best-in-class sales conversion metrics.

Additionally, AXA-ARAG successfully processed thousands of claims via the CourtCorrect platform with a minimal number of staff, significantly cutting down the time necessary to resolve a claim compared to established processes, thanks to our AI case assessment and intelligent case management platform.

Thanks to the speed and success of our collaboration, AXA-ARAG subsequently launched Emilia AG, a new online insurance product, permanently enshrining this approach into the AXA-ARGA business model.

"The CourtCorrect platform enables us to learn from structured data, automate repetitive tasks and keep connected to our clients."

Benjamin Bosshard


What are the learnings for similar companies in this space?

Our successful collaboration with AXA-ARAG shows the potential the CourtCorrect platform holds for SMEs in the financial services and insurance space and demonstrates that user-friendly claims processes and effective resolution lead to new business, increased profitability and decreased customer churn.

This project highlights that the way that companies resolve customer claims and complaints can be an innovative competitive advantage that impacts both the top- and the bottom-line positively.

We enjoyed working with AXA-ARAG very much and are looking forward to many similar projects in this sector!

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