Our AI knows something the other AIs don't

We've fed our AI with so much complicated legal & regulatory data that you'd never want to talk to it unless that's your job.

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Wouldn't it be great, if your team had AI superpowers?

They'd have more time to read, play with their kids and work out if the AI could review all the evidence, complete regulatory checks, find similar cases and suggest solutions.

Well, we don't want to overpromise. But we'll guarantee your team will get the kind of superpower they obviously never dreamed of as a kid.

We sent ChatGPT to Law School

You wouldn't trust a complete stranger with little knowledge of your business or sector to advise all your team members on complex legal & regulatory decisions, no matter how great they look on paper, would you?

We've combined the genius of ChatGPT with our massive data lakes and expertise in AI regulation so that you can sleep peacefully, knowing the robot does your bidding.

Have something interesting to say at your next lunch or board meeting.

You'd rather be the one sharing the success story rather than the one who "finds this all very exciting".

Out-of-the-box coverage for UK FCA, UK OIA, UK OfGem regulation and English law

Find similar cases, predict internal and regulatory decisions

Fine-tune models on your data and rules

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If you made it this far, you might as well take another 10 minutes to get the full picture of what's possible.