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by Ludwig Bull - Jul 26th 2022

Who can use an AI-powered Legal Product?

There are three main categories into which we can divide those who can use CourtCorrect’s AI-powered product and who it would be beneficial for.

  1. On one hand, we have those who provide legal services. This is a large group which includes law firms but also other legal service providers such as legal expenses insurance companies, which provide a huge amount of information and advice to their policy holders.
  2. The next category is public services: courts, regulators and other government authorities. They pretty much face a similar problem: they need to provide an accessible user experience for legal cases. For public services, there is a huge potential for increased access to justice and higher user satisfaction through simple user journeys, which can then be operated in a very efficient and scalable format.
  3. Finally, we have the all private companies in general: organisations that need to respond to customer requests and problems. A classic example here would be that of an insurance company which gets a lot of claims on a daily basis, which they need to handle. Or a less common example would be an e-commerce website which needs to make sure that they deal with customer requests and queries fairly and efficiently.

How does an AI-powered Legal Product work?

Most of the time legal services are provided via email, telephone and since the pandemic, slightly less common, but still in person. This is extremely time-consuming and inefficient and also leads to a lot of friction and miscommunication as there’s no central, digitally accessible marketplace for legal services.

So how would AI solve this problem?

Well, AI can automate all those time-consuming, inefficient, repetitive tasks. For example, once the AI has been trained to carry out process level tasks, it can carry out the duties of having the initial consultation with the user. Here, the AI will scan the submission to diagnose the issue of the user.

The AI can also take charge of asking for the required documents and then reviewing them which would otherwise be very time consuming to a person who would’ve had to go back and forth.

Once this initial bit has been completed, your staff members will take over to make the final calls and decisions by reviewing the case files that have been carefully put together by the AI.

Currently, CourtCorrect prominently uses AI in the case submission forms where AI has been trained to understand the answer of the customer is and accordingly choose the next question. CourtCorrect is also preparing an AI document check that provides a short summary of documents that are submitted to companies by clients. Our AI-powered product also provides you with a dashboard to track all of your legal cases and update you and your customers on their status.

What is the Advantage of using an AI-powered Legal Product?

Since by now you are aware about how CourtCorrect uses AI and Automation for onboarding your customers and reviewing documents, let’s look at the three main advantages of using artificial intelligence in your business.

For the business:

  1. It improves productivity and efficiency. Shifting some of a lawyer’s or employee’s workload over to a computer means that more work can get done in less time. This also means that your staff will have more time to focus on more complex tasks.
  2. It lowers long term costs for your business. Once the initial investment in AI technology has been realised, it is significantly cheaper for a firm or a company to have a computer carry out a task than to pay a person to do it.
  3. It improves the accuracy of the work by cutting out human error. Since the AI does most of the process level tasks, there’s no scope for human beings to make mistakes.

For your customers:

  1. This type of format is great to help users when they have smaller problems and only require an initial assessment. It gives them a platform where they can easily acquire advice and solve their problems in a very affordable and efficient way.
  2. It’s also very efficient in keeping the user in the loop of how the case is going, which stage it has reached and if they require to submit any more evidence or documents to support their case.

Overall, AI makes it easier to submit and resolve cases transparently and efficiently which ultimately has huge potential to create access to justice and fundamentally change how we interact with the law, our rights and the legal system.

What makes CourtCorrect’s AI-powered Legal Product special?

One of the main things that you need to do as a start-up is to build a product that is scalable and can handle a lot of different customers and ideally a lot of different countries. That’s typically really hard for legal tech companies as every country has different laws and different legal systems. There are also different legal actors involved in the legal system: you’ve got law firms, insurance companies, private companies, courts, ombudsman services. And again all of them have slightly different requirements.

Thanks to our focus on AI that can be adapted to a lot of different contexts and countries, CourtCorrect has been a global company from day 1 and thinks like a global company. We work with companies, legal service providers and also with courts, from Asia to Europe to North America.

That shows that the CourtCorrect’s legal product is scalable not only for the entire legal system of one country but also around the world. And we want our product to address a global issue – enabling everyone to resolve legal issues in an efficient and fair way. So wherever you are around the world – our AI-powered legal product can help you!

How can I use CourtCorrect’s AI-powered Legal Product?

It’s so easy!

If you want to use the online legal system for your organisation, just get started for free! We will get in touch and help you set everything up and activate the pay product. If you would like more information first, just request a callback.

Justice for all.

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