CourtCorrect Launches Free Legal Search Engine

Industry disrupting start-up enters legal market with a splash as search engine for easy-to-understand legal information goes live

Team CourtCorrect | 1 August 2020


Who reads the fine print of their gym contract or the terms of conditions of their energy providers? The answer is most likely: nobody.

But that is a big problem as millions of people around the world are signing up to legal obligations and contracts that might sometimes have severe consequences for them.

And what is worse, they often are not aware of their rights that could help them defy negative terms and assert their role in society as free, independent citizens.

The London-based tech start-up CourtCorrect is now trying to change that.

Like Google for legal information

Under, users are now able to find easy-to-understand information on their rights and obligations through a search interface that is reminiscent of Google in its user-friendly simplicity. Through typing in any cue in the search bar they will be able to find neat summaries of their rights regarding the chosen legal topic including answers to the most important questions. All of it is written in easy language and short paragraphs to ensure that the rather complex legal background is understandable to all.

If people visit CourtCorrect to find out if they can cancel their David Lloyd gym contract free-of-charge or if their landlord has to pay for a disrepair – they can get the answers at just one glance. Users are moreover able to follow contracts and rights of interest. Summaries are constantly updated so that users get notified when their rights change.

The service is free to use for everyone.

Rights explained easily thanks to technology

Ludwig Bull is the CEO and founder behind CourtCorrect. Together with his team, he’s on a mission to make justice more accessible to everyone. As laws have become ever more complex and legal services accordingly expensive and inaccessible, he believes that technology can help provide the reform that the legal system so urgently needs to serve everyone again.

Mr Bull says: “Knowing your rights, knowing what your boss can and cannot make you do, what your landlord has to do, is a great starting point for allowing everyone regardless of their means to get justice,”

“Technology such as the internet and AI have made it possible to make such crucial information understandable and accessible to all. There just had to be someone to take charge and make it reality – and that’s what we did!”

However, the search engine is only supposed to be the start. With the help of revolutionary AI that predicts court outcomes, CourtCorrect is working on a comprehensive platform solution to make not only legal information but also legal services and adjudication easily available again.

Mr Bull says: “In the 21st century, the law should be democratic, digital and easy to use – it’s about time that somebody makes sure that is the case.”

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