August 3, 2022

Designing A User-Friendly Submission Experience For DIFC Courts

Demonstrating the high standard of CourtCorrect’s case management technology at the DIFC Courts.

Who was the client?

DIFC Courts is the adjudicator for one of the world's most important free-trade zones, the Dubai International Financial Centre, based in Dubai, UAE. Trained in common law systems, the judges handle disputes that arise over financial services trade. Although operating under the governments of Dubai and the UAE, it is separate from their laws.

What challenge was the court facing?

The court was struggling with a poor user experience. This resulted in an excessive administrative work, particularly for their small claims tribunal.

The court users, often self-represented, found it challenging to file claims and track their cases. They also lacked understanding of the process.

This led to staff spending more time preparing claims for adjudication. This included unnecessary reviews and communication with customers.

Why did they turn to CourtCorrect?

DIFC's technology scouts approached CourtCorrect. They were aware of our expertise in developing and implementing user-friendly claims processes. Our backend claims handling solutions are out-of-the-box and quick to set up. In a rigorous public application process, CourtCorrect was one of two companies from over 80 applicants to build a prototype in the Dubai Futures Foundation accelerator program.

Solution: Designing a user-friendly claims experience with Dubai’s public administrators

Invited to Dubai, senior members of CourtCorrect’s legal, design, and engineering teams worked at the centre of international business in the Gulf region. They collaborated with court members and Dubai’s public administrators.

We implemented intake forms that guided users to file claims correctly and in a structured way. This reduced the need for human intervention. User-friendly case files allowed parties to access and track case information in one place. AI automatically linked incoming cases to similar ones from the court’s archives, speeding up research and ensuring consistent decision-making.

With the guidance of CourtCorrect’s project managers, the work was completed within two months.

Result: Faster case management in Dubai powered by CourtCorrect

The final presentation made a significant impact on the senior decision-makers present. We established valuable business relationships across the region.

DIFC Courts received a prototype and a roadmap for implementation and operation. Placing it in a leading position in the global competition among free-trade zones. This project demonstrates the high standard of CourtCorrect’s case management technology. We can pass government selection processes and power public administrations globally. We have demonstrated the skill of our team in managing major projects with senior stakeholders.

Read the customer press release here