June 19, 2023

Complaints EQ's Jonathan Mantle Partners with CourtCorrect

Jonathan Mantle, financial services complaint expert and founder of Complaints EQ, has teamed up with tech firm CourtCorrect.

Jonathan has been in the financial complaints sector for over 20 years and worked with some of the best known UK consultancy firms, top UK financial services firms, and the Financial Ombudsman Service. Jonathan provides bespoke consultancy and training services to clients ranging from SMEs to FTSE-listed companies.

London-based tech firm CourtCorrect brings innovation to the industry with its cutting-edge AI-powered claims management platform. Using intelligent tools, our platform improves the way businesses handle customer complaints and claims. CourtCorrect has worked with establishments such as the University of Cambridge, AXA-ARAG, DIFC Courts and more.

Jonathan was impressed by CourtCorrect’s presentation and live demo of the platform at the 22nd Annual Complaints Management Forum. As chair of the forum, he was eager to see more. Jonathan met the CourtCorrect team and was invited to an exclusive demo and trial of the CourtCorrect platform shortly after.

Jonathan was given access to CourtCorrect’s innovative complaint and case management features: in-depth case insights enhanced with AI, an advanced real-time data dashboard, AI writing assistant, and much more. Jonathan was also shown Lexi, CourtCorrect’s exclusive AI assistant, capable of taking instructions from a case handler to assist in creating and managing cases and reducing case handlers’ workloads.

Amazed by the platform’s potential, Jonathan was eager to begin the partnership. Jonathan’s two decades of knowledge and expertise in financial services complaints, combined with CourtCorrect's state-of-the-art technology will revolutionise claims management. This collaboration underscores CourtCorrect's role as an innovator in the financial services complaint management landscape, and with Jonathan's endorsement, they are poised to disrupt the industry further.

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